Beesline wants to help women and men, young and old to discover the beauty of a healthy and natural lifestyle free of chemicals, by providing the highest quality products made from natural active ingredients. We innovate through Research & Development to ensure the best skin care and the safest products in the market. Beesline strives to reduce the impact of its operations on people and the environment, and invest in creating an awareness for all its employees, partners & customers.


From our humble beginnings in 1993, the story of Beesline is one of inspiration.It all began when a recent Chemistry graduate from the American University of Beirut, promised his mother who got an allergic reaction after using an expensive facial cream, that he would create a cream for her; one that was all-natural safe & hypo-allergenic. He just needed to find the key ingredient.


“Bees are nature’s perfect pharmacists!”

The young man sought the advice of his older sister who has a PhD in Pharmacy. She knew about the tremendous benefits of bee by-products (honey, royal jelly, beeswax, propolis) on human health and how extremely friendly they are to sensitive skin.

That is how the key ingredient was chosen!


Hard work, persistency, integrity and commitment. These are the values that got us to where we are now. They kept us going and they will keep on taking us further. We will always make sure our product line continues to meet the high quality standards at an international level. Like the bee, we aim to make the best products in the most efficient way. Because skin is a very precious organ, everyone has the right to a healthy skin and natural care.


Continue providing high value products and endorsing in COSMETHICS (a new concept for a healthier beauty).